Love Séances

Sometimes, we try to bring love back from the dead.

We hold a cell phone séance, calling or texting the other half of our dead relationship.  We send emails.  Letters.  Facebook friend requests.

I say “we” because I’ve done the shit, too.

In the face of relationship change, we often reflect on what’s behind us.  It’s normal, and even healthy, to look back on past love and think about how it ended, what we did wrong (or didn’t do), and what could’ve gone differently.  Sometimes it’s hard because you feel like it’s possible you could’ve made it work.  They could be the one and you’re passing them by.  I’ve ended relationships because as time went on, I knew I didn’t love the current as much as I loved the last.

But staying focused on the rearview mirror, like holding séances and playing with Ouija boards, is either A) Going to get you nowhere or B) Going to conjure up some dark spirits.

Don’t play with the dead.  There’s so much that is alive and fresh and new, not dead and decaying.

It’s hard when you face new love, or worse…no love, and you still are holding onto connections with a past love (or loves).  You have to remember that every tie you keep to old love is like a tiny force pulling you back and keeping you from moving forward full-speed-ahead.

Cut the ties tonight.  Let them go.

In the end, the things ahead of you are new, fresh, and full of life.

Pull the Ouija board planchette to “Goodbye” and throw the box in the trash.  It’s a brand new day in the land of the living.